Administration Guide for TPBA2 & TPBI2 (Play-based Tpba, Tpbi, Tpbc) by Toni Linder Ed.D.

Administration Guide for TPBA2 & TPBI2 (Play-based Tpba, Tpbi, Tpbc)

Book Title: Administration Guide for TPBA2 & TPBI2 (Play-based Tpba, Tpbi, Tpbc)

Publisher: Brookes Publishing

ISBN: 1557668736

Author: Toni Linder Ed.D.

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Toni Linder Ed.D. with Administration Guide for TPBA2 & TPBI2 (Play-based Tpba, Tpbi, Tpbc)

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This Administration Guide gives early childhood professionals comprehensive instructions on using TPBA2 and TPBI2, plus some of the best professional guidance on conducting play sessions, writing reports, and ensuring successful assessment and intervention. A must for everyone who uses the popular play-based system, this start-to-finish guide ensures that professionals have

  • step-by-step instructions on using TPBA2 and TPBI2
  • all the key photocopiable forms for TPBA2 and TPBI2 in one convenient appendix
  • invaluable information on effectively linking assessment to intervention
  • tools to support program planning for accountability and eligibility decisions

With this essential user's manual for TPBA2 and TPBI2, professionals will find it even easier to conduct accurate observations and choose interventions that help improve child outcomes.

The Administration Guide is part of TPBA2 and TPBI2, one of the most natural, easy-to-use assessment and intervention approaches for children birth to age 6. Aligned with DEC and NAEYC guidelines, this popular system gets accurate assessment results and improves child outcomes because it's play-based, child-directed, parent-friendly, and focused on what children can do instead of what they can't.

Learn more about the TPBA and TPBI system, and discover Toni Linder's play-based curriculum, Read, Play, and Learn!®.

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