The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP™) Manual, Research Edition by Elena P. Soukakou Ph.D.

The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP™) Manual, Research Edition

Book Title: The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP™) Manual, Research Edition

Publisher: Brookes Publishing

ISBN: 1598579916

Author: Elena P. Soukakou Ph.D.

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Elena P. Soukakou Ph.D. with The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP™) Manual, Research Edition

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The ICP™ Manual guides users on understanding, implementing, and scoring the ICP.

How well is your early childhood program implementing quality inclusive practices? Now there’s a comprehensive, field-tested observational tool that uncovers the answers. A one-of-a-kind tool for classrooms serving children ages 2–5, the Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP) assesses 12 key practices with the strongest research base for supporting the education and development of young children in inclusive programs:

  • Adaptations of Space, Materials, and Equipment
  • Adult Involvement in Peer Interactions
  • Adults' Guidance of Children’s Free-Choice Activities and Play
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Membership
  • Relationships between Adults and Children
  • Support for Communication
  • Adaptation of Group Activities
  • Transitions between Activities
  • Feedback
  • Family-Professional Partnerships
  • Monitoring Children's Learning


The in-depth ICP evaluation process gives you the rich information and insights you need to:
  • assess your program’s current inclusive practices
  • establish a baseline for measuring future progress
  • apply recommended inclusive practices for young children
  • guide quality improvement efforts by linking assessment data with instructional decision-making
  • tailor professional development to teachers' specific needs

The ICP is an observation rating scale designed to assess the quality of daily classroom practices that support the developmental needs of children with disabilities in early childhood settings. Comprehensive assessment with ICP takes about 3½ hours, plus 20 minutes to score. The ICP Manual gives guidance on how to understand, implement, and score the ICP. Learn more about ICP here.

See how this product helps strengthen Head Start program quality and school readiness.

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