Hooked: Addicted to A Supreme Love by Bianca Marie

Hooked: Addicted to A Supreme Love

Book Title: Hooked: Addicted to A Supreme Love

Publisher: Leo Sullivan Presents

Author: Bianca Marie

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Bianca Marie with Hooked: Addicted to A Supreme Love

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Growing up, Denim had it made. Her father was the man in the streets, and she and her twin sister, Mina, lived like hood royalty. One day, all of that changed. After Denim’s 16th birthday, her life would never be the same.

Fast forward to the age of 24. Denim is at the lowest point she has ever been in her life; she’s ridiculed, talked about, and even beaten, but she’s strong. An unfortunate turn of events lands her in the hospital, and a stranger, someone she never even met takes a chance on her that she’ll never forget.

Supreme, a quiet but deadly man, has many flaws but a genuine heart. He’s not your average hustler. Growing up with two girl cousins whom he cherished taught him how to be a gentle giant. When things at his trap go wrong, and he’s left with the responsibility of getting someone help before time runs out, he takes a chance; a chance encounter he doesn’t regret.

Denim and Supreme take a chance on each other, but trying to heal each other’s broken hearts may be impossible to do.

Then you’ll meet Unique. Unique is Supreme’s right hand man and his favorite cousin. Unique is a shoot first ask questions later type of chick. Love has never been her forte, but she can’t help that she loves Black. She’s been in love with him the majority of her adolescent life, but sticking to her rule of Money over Men has caused her to think differently. Having casual sex doesn’t seem like a good thing anymore when things get rough, simply because in the end, the only one by her side is the man she shut out from her love.

Black, a person who’s loyal to the bone, doesn’t like to take no for an answer. He loves Unique and shows her every chance he gets, but she constantly shoots him down and lets him know that love isn’t what she wants. Black is at his breaking point until he meets another woman who steals his heart. In his mind, he’s finally done with Unique until something so tragic happens, and he realizes that he doesn’t want to live without her and that Unique is the woman for him.

These four people have many issues in their lives. They want happiness, and fighting for it may seem like a daring task. The heart wants what the heart wants, and no amount of fighting it can change that. In this story, you’ll meet four people who go through every emotion there is. It’s a battle as they try to figure out if love will reign supreme in the end.